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Nordic Aqua Partners A/S | Grant of warrants under the Company’s Equity Incentive Program

Reference is made to the resolution made by the General Meeting on May 27th, 2021 regarding the issuance of up to 514.200 warrants under the Company’s equity incentive program. The Board of Directors has allocated 437.070 warrants to the Company’s employees, which have been subscribed by the relevant holders. Each warrant gives the holder a right to subscribe for one share in the Company at a strike price of NOK 81 per share.

The following primary insiders have been allocated warrants:

  • Ragnar Joensen, Chairman of the Board: 128,550 Following the grant, Ragnar Joensen directly and indirectly controls 143,085 shares and 128,550 warrants.

  • Hjalti Hvítklett, Chief Financial Officer: 102,840 Following the grant, Hjalti Hvítklett directly and indirectly controls 4,400 shares and 102,840 warrants.

  • Ove Nodland, Chairman and CEO of Nordic Aqua (Ningbo) Co., Ltd: 77,130 Following the grant, Ove Nodland directly and indirectly controls 632.300 shares and 77,130 warrants.

  • Arne Knudsen, Board member Nordic Aqua (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.: 51,420 Following the grant, Arne Knudsen directly and indirectly controls 236.080 shares and 51,420 warrants.

  • Johan Toftegaard, RAS Expert: 25,710 warrants. Following the grant, Johan Toftegaard directly and indirectly controls 14,730 shares and 25,710

  • Catherine Shen, Board Member Nordic Aqua (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.: 25,710 Following the grant, Catherine Shen directly and indirectly controls 22,400 shares and 25,710 warrants.

Nordic Aqua Partners AS refers to the attached notifications for persons discharging managerial responsibilities in the company in accordance with MAR article 19.

For further information please contact:

Hjalti Hvítklett, CFO, +298 221222,

Ragnar Joensen, Chairman of the Board, +298 599112,