Management of Nordic Aqua Partners A/S (NOAP)

  • Ole Juul Jørgensen


    Ole Jørgensen is a Danish citizen and an active investor. Through his company, Invactor
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  • Hjalti Hvítklett


    Mr. Hjalti Hvítklett comes from the position as CFO in P/F Pelagos, a position he has hold since 2014.
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Management of Nordic Aqua (Ningbo) Co., Ltd (NAN)

  • Ove Nodland

    CEO, NAN

    Ove Nodland is a Norwegian citizen, but has lived and worked in Ningbo, China since 1999.
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  • Ragnar Joensen

    COO, NAN

    Ragnar Joensen is a Faroese citizen with extensive management experience from the aquaculture.....
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  • Arne Knudsen

    Project Manager, NAN

    Arne Knudsen is a Norwegian citizen but has lived and worked in China for 20 years.
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  • Catherine Shen

    Chief Administration Officer, NAN

    Catherine Shen is a Chinese citizen, residing in Ningbo. Ms. Shen has extensive experience from setting up and holding management positions with foreign companies operating in China.
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  • Ola Frøvik

    Farm Manager, NAN

    Ola Frøvik is a Norwegian citizen, (born 1983) with more than 11 years of RAS salmon farming experience.
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  • Johan Toftegaard

    RAS and fish production expert, NAN

    Johan Toftegaard a mechanical engineer and has been responsible for the construction of several land-based systems in MOWI and as a consultant in other companies.
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  • Matthew Bell

    Technical Manager, NAN

    Matthew Bell is a British citizen, with a solid mechanical engineering background, specialising in remote area work.
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  • Yong Tan

    Construction Quality Manager, NAN

    Yong Tan has 20 years experience in quality management and project management in various multinational companies, with more than 10 years in management position.
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The following three RAS executives are currently under other employment, but have committed to the project

  • RAS Expert 1

    Supervision and Support

    20 years management and technical experience with RAS
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  • RAS Expert 2

    Supervision and Support

    20 years management and technical experience with RAS
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  • RAS Expert 3

    Assistant Manager

    5 years experience with RAS; Currently working at a large
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